Dorper Sheep for Sale – Great Meat And Great Wool! Buy A Dorper Sheep in Whitefish Montana

On Peerman Family Farm we are proud to announce that we are now breeding Dorper sheep. This is an animal which is bred for its’ fine flavor of lamb which is mild, well marbled, and fine textured, and above all doesn’t have that “mutton” taste that so many Americans dislike. The Peerman family doesn’t like it either, which is why we are now producing Dorpers!

Dorper sheep for Sale in Whitefish Montana
Buy a Dorper sheep.

This superb sheep is a cross between the Dorset Horn and the Blackhead Persian sheep from Arabia and has the characteristic black head. It has an interesting history, because it was first produced in South Africa in the 1930’s. At that time, South African farmers sent a consignment of surplus mutton and lamb from their indigenous breeds to Smithfield Market in London, where it was instantly rejected because the European market was used to the top-quality Canterbury lamb from New Zealand.

So the South African Meat Board rose to the challenge of providing a top quality carcass that would be able to live in the arid conditions, and the Dorper was finalized in 1946. The South African Dorper Breeders’ Association was formed in 1950. Today there are over 10 million Dorpers in South Africa and they are the second largest sheep breed there. The Dorper also produces a short, light coat of wool which it sheds in late spring and early summer, and it doesn’t need shearing. It is an easy-going animal requiring minimum input of labor.

Highly Prized Skin

The Dorper has a very thick skin which is highly prized and also allows it to thrive in cold and wet conditions such as those found in Tasmania. In fact, in South Africa, about 20% of the income from a Dorper is from the skin.

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Dorper lambs put on weight fast and the rams reach sexual maturity at an early age, having been seen to start mating at the age of 20 weeks. Lambs can reach a weight of around 80lbs in 100 days, providing a carcass of 37lbs – 40lbs. The Dorpers also are extremely adaptable and can flourish in irregular and low rainfall areas. They also adapt to eating plants that the Merino won’t, as a result of their ability to graze and browse. Furthermore, Dorper ewes are extremely fertile and can breed every eight months, with lambing percentages of 150% not uncommon.

Here on Peerman Family Farm in Whitefish, MT, our Dorpers are raised on pasture grass which is supplemented with organic alfalfa and mineral as needed. They are free from disease and only given medications when absolutely necessary.

You can buy lambs from us prices may vary, and we also offer herdshares if you are interested.

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