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The Nubian goat is known as the Anglo-Nubian outside North America because it was developed in the 19th century in Great Britain. We have Nubian Goats for Sale.  Its’ origins were in North Africa and the Middle East but was developed as a cross between the Old English Milch Goat and Nubian and Zariby bucks imported from Egypt, and also Russia and India. Anglo-Nubians have been exported to most countries from England, but in the US are known simply as Nubians.

Nubian goats for Sale
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Nubian does weigh at least 135lbs and are around 30″ high at the withers, while bucks are at least 175lbs and 35″ high. The breed is large, and this brings with it rapid rates of growth. A distinctive feature of the breed is its’ long Roman nose. The ears are wide and when laid flat along their faces they extend at least an inch beyond the muzzle. They are close to the head at the temple and then flare outwards slightly to form a bell shape. The hair is fine and short, and glossy. The colors are often reddish-brown, but they can also be black, white, or tan, and they very often have spots. As far as the breed standards go, any solid or multi-colored coat is acceptable.

Because of their distant heritage in warm Middle Eastern climates, these goats can live in any hot climate, and they also have a longer breeding season than other goats. While they are considered a dairy goat, Nubians have been bred for their meat.

Goats for Sale! – High Butterfat Content

The milk of Nubians has a very high butterfat content which is greater than cows’ milk and can be as high as 5%. For this reason, it has a sweeter taste than other lower fat milks. The combination of higher butter fat and flavor make the milk ideal for cheese production. The only goat breeds which have higher fat content are the Boer, Pygmy Goat, and Nigerian Dwarf. However, the milk yield of the Nubian is lower than the other dairy breeds on average.

Nubian goats are sociable animals with an outgoing personality and will often call for their owner.

On Peerman Family Farm our goats are fed on organic alfalfa, organic grain, and loose minerals. Because we drink our milk raw, the health of our herd is of vital importance to us, so we don’t show our goats, and thus they never leave the farm. Equally, if we need to introduce new stock, we will only take clean animals with a current health record. Our herd is also registered with the American Dairy Goat Association.

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