Kunekune Pigs for Sale make For the Very Best Pork and Bacon

Kunekune pigs come from New Zealand, although how they got there is a mystery, because they are not indigenous. The Maoris kept them for their meat and allowed them to roam and scavenge around the village which may account for their excellent temperament and love of humans.

A Kunekune pig for sale
KuneKune pig for sale in Whitefish Montana

In 1976, Kunekunes were on the verge of becoming extinct, but two New Zealanders, John Simister and Michael Willis, got together and bought every Kunekune they could find, which amounted to a grand total of 18. They formed the New Zealand Kunekune Pig Association, and the breed is now safe once more.

The pigs can be up to 30″ high and four feet long, and they weigh from 140 – 220 lbs. They have long hair which can be straight, wavy, or curly, and they can be cream colored, gold, tan, brown, or black, and can also be spotted. They may develop a pair of tassels under the chin which are called piri piri. Their ears can either be pricked or semi-lop. Kunekunes are very friendly and will happily roll on their back so that you can rub their tummies for them.

They Thrive On Grass

Kunekunes thrive on grass, and in the summer they don’t really need anything else, although you can feed them fresh fruit or vegetables. What you must not do is feed them anything that has gone through the kitchen.

The normal recommendation for grazing is 5 – 6 pigs to the acre. However, in wet weather the ground will get cut up even though the Kunekune is not a large pig, so if you can divide the land up into small areas with wire fencing you can move them around before too much damage is done. They are hardy animals and can sleep happily in an arc or sty, or in a stable if you have one, with a thick bed of straw or hay in one corner. They do drink a lot of water, and they will tip over buckets and water troughs if they are not firmly fixed in place. They also need a wallow in the summer to prevent sunburn and keep cool.

Kunekunes can have anything from three to 14 piglets after a gestation period of 112 – 116 days. The sows are very good mothers who don’t seem to take offence if you handle the piglets.

Here at Peerman Family Farm in Whitefish, Montana, we take great care in raising our pigs as naturally as possible and keep them free of antibiotics and medications. Our Kunekunes produce top quality meat which is rich, red, and perfectly marbled with healthy fat. This really is melt-in-your-mouth pork and bacon.

If you wish to buy Kunekune pigs, our breeding stock vary in prices. (prices may vary)We also have herd shares available for people who like top quality meat.

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