Dorper Sheep For Sale – Did You Know They Are a Cross Between Two Breeds and Produce Great Meat

Peerman Family Farm is based in Whitefish, MT, and here we breed the Dorper sheep. Many, many Americans do not eat lamb because they don’t like the strong mutton taste that it has, but the Dorper is a very mild flavored, succulent, fine textured, and well marbled meat that tastes nothing like mutton.

dorper sheep for sale
sheep for sale in Whitefish montana

In fact, one breeder has remarked that when he culls ewes and makes a pot roast for dinner, he can actually fool his wife into thinking that she has just eaten lamb!

The Dorper came into being in the 1930’s in South Africa when farmers sent excess mutton and lamb from their indigenous breeds to Smithfield Market in London, where it was promptly rejected because customers were used to the far higher quality New Zealand lamb. The South African Meat Board took up the challenge to find a high quality carcasse, yet from a breed that would thrive in the arid or semi-arid conditions of the country, and in 1946 the breeding project was finalized and resulted in the Dorper, which is a cross between the Dorset Horn and Blackhead Persian. Today there are two types of Dorper, the black-headed Dorper and also an all-white variety called simply the White Dorper.

The shedding ability of the Dorper can vary quite considerably. There is the wool type and the hair type, the hair type being slightly less meaty but far better shedding. This might make you worried about finding lots of wool all over your pasture, but in fact it doesn’t happen. You will find the occasional large piece of wool, and you will certainly find wool and hair on the trees where the sheep rub, but a pasture littered with wool doesn’t happen. The wool or hair comes off in small pieces similar to the way a cow or goat sheds.

Winter-Hardy but These Dorper Sheep are For Sale

They are reasonably winter-hardy too. They can certainly handle temperatures down to freezing. There have indeed been stories of them getting too fat, and it is true that if you let them go above 100lbs they can have too much fat cover, However, harvesting at between 80lbs an 90lbs is fine. Another consideration is grain feeding. These are medium sized sheep and thrive on very little. Feeding them grain will definitely make them too fat.

Here at Peerman Family farm our Dorpers are raised on pasture grass supplemented with some organic alfalfa and minerals. They are free from disease and we only ever use medication if absolutely essential. The whole purpose of the Dorper is to produce the finest meat, and we find that the lambs grow quickly on our pasture grass. Furthermore, the ewes are great mothers and are very easy-going, and are also heavy milkers.

We can supply Dorper lambs commencing and we also offer herdshares for those only interested in the meat.

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