Nubian Goats For Sale – All the Information You Need Concerning Nubian Goats

The Nubian goat is becoming very popular in the US because its’ milk is far richer than other goats or cows milk, and can have as much as 5% butterfat content.

A Nubian goat.
Nubian Goats for Sale in Whitefish Montana

This makes it very attractive to makers of cheese and ice cream. The Nubian has Middle Eastern and North African lineage but was developed in Great Britain in the 19th century. Outside North America it is indeed known as the Anglo-Nubian.

When Nubians first arrived in the US they were used as both a source of meat and milk, but today the use of Nubians has moved away from meat production and concentrates solely on milk. They do not produce as much milk as some goats do, making perhaps 175 gallons a year, but it is very sweet and far richer than other milk. Goat milk is also less lactose and has smaller fat globules than cows milk which makes it easier to digest.

Nubians are easy to distinguish from other breeds of goat because they have a Roman nose and long floppy ears. They are a very active breed, and they have a reputation for being very vocal, but here on Peerman Family Farm at Whitefish, Montana, we don’t find them at all noisy. A mature doe weighs in at around 135 lbs, while a mature buck will be about 170 lbs. They are very social and outgoing creatures and they love to be around humans. They are known to call for their owner and display neck and side stroking behavior.

Nubian Goats Come In A Range Of Colors

Nubians come in a range of different colors, notably bay and black, while our herd has a lot of moon spots. Because of their Middle Eastern roots, the Nubian adapts easily to extreme heat, and also has a long breeding season. This means that Nubians can produce milk almost year-round, which is another feature that makes them popular.

At Peerman Family Farm we drink our milk raw, so the health of our herd is very important to us. We feed them on organic alfalfa, organic grains, and loose minerals, and only ever use medication or antibiotics when absolutely necessary. Our goats are not shown, so they never leave the farm, and we only ever introduce new goats if they have a perfect current health record.

We tried several other breeds of goat over the years, including Saanen, La Mancha, Oberhasli, and Nigerian Dwarf, but have settled on the Nubian as perfect for our needs. Our does are very friendly and are also easy to milk.

Our herd is also registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. If you would like to purchase any Nubian goats from us, our Kids vary in prices, while Family Milkers and sale shares.

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