Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nubians are our family’s favorite dairy goat! We chose nubians for their rich, sweet milk. Raw goat milk is loaded with nutrients and has more calcium than cow milk. We have Nubian Goats for sell in Whitefish, Montana.

Goat milk has smaller fat globules and less lactose than cow milk making it easier to digest. We drink our milk raw so herd health is very important to us. Our goats are raised holistically and are given antibiotics and medication only when absolutely necessary. We feed our goats a diet of organic alfalfa, organic grain and looses minerals. We maintain a clean herd free of CL/CAE, Brucella, Jhones, Q Fever, and Lepto. We don’t show our goats so they never leave our property and we only bring clean animals with a current health record on our property. Our focus is on good family milkers. Our does have great temperament and are easy to milk. Our herd is ADGA registered.

Kids start at $400

Family Milkers start at $700



It all started 10 years ago when we were told by our pediatrician that our 1 year old son was smaller than he should be and that he may need medical testing to see if there was a problem. We decided it would be reasonable to take 1 month to see what I could do about that before subjecting him to tests. In addition to his already healthy diet, I started giving him raw goats milk from a local farm. He loved it! He drank about 2 gallons of the milk each week. Within a short time his weight and height had increased significantly.

After a year of buying milk we decided to move our family onto acreage and bought our very first goat. It was a Saanen. We have tried several breeds over the years including, Saanen, Oberhasli, La Mancha, Nigerian Dwarf, and finally we settled on Nubian. We hesiatated to try Nubians because we herd they could be loud. In 2014 we moved to our current home on almost 30 acres and finally decided to go ahead and get Nubians since our neighbors were quite a distance away. If they were loud at least they would only bother us. We were pleasantly surprised to find out they were not loud at all, in fact they barely make any noise. After drinking raw milk all of these years our son is healthy and over the 100th percentile in height with a muscular lean build and has never broke a bone. Must be all the extra calcium.

The Nubian is a large and graceful dairy goat of mixed Asian, African, and European origin, known for high quality, high butterfat, milk production. Nubians come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Our herd has lots of moonspot genetics. Our herd sire, Mr. Cupcake is a beautiful spotted buck. Nubians have floppy ears and roman noses. We love our goats and their milk!

ADGA Breed Standards

Nubian Breeders Association

We currently do not have the Nigerian Goat on the Farm but we do have the Nubian goats available.

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